Election day is Tuesday, November 5, you may mail in your ballot or drop it off at the elections office any time by November 5th.

This is a very important election, determining, for example, the balance of power on our Port, our County Council, City Councils and our School Boards.

Clark County Councilor District No. 4

Vote Gary Medvigy. Retired Two star Major General, former Superior Court judge and Deputy DA, he has been fighting for property rights and low taxes since his appointment in January. Pro 2A, no light rail.

City of Vancouver Councilors

Position No. 2 – Vote Erik Paulsen, the incumbent
Position No. 4 – Vote Bart Hansen, the incumbent, is running unopposed, and will be re-elected.
Position No. 5 – Vote David Regan.
Regan, a youth pastor as well as bail bondsman, in advocate for taxpayers and small business. Regan will also engage the faith community in addressing homelessness, young people, and mental health. He has a balanced and highly analytical approach to homelessness. His opponent Ty Stober supported by far left socialist organizations.
Position No. 6 – Vote Jeanne Stewart
Jeanne Stewart is fearlessly independent and fiscally conservative. She served a number of years on the City Council before being elected to the County Council, and we would be so fortunate to have her experience and strong principles of fiscal responsibility back on the City Council. Her opponent Sarah Fox is supported by far left and socialist/communist organizations.

Vancouver Port District Commissioner

District No. 3 – Vote for Dan Barnes.
This is extremely important. The Port of Vancouver is a major economic center for our entire region. Its role is to encourage the region’s import and export of major goods and products, including those related to heavy industry. Its role is not to engage in environmental initiatives, such as Beyond Oil and other activism regarding energy products on which our businesses are dependent. We need political and philosophical balance on our Port Commission, which is strongly skewed to the left. Commissioner terms are for six years, and whoever wins this year will likely serve for years. As a CPA of over 30 years who was born in the Northwest, Dan understands the environment that makes doing business at the Port of Vancouver advantageous. He understands budgets, expenses, leases, client relationships and, above all accountability. Dan will bring strong qualifications and a balanced approach to our Port Commission.

Vancouver School District

Position 1 – Vote Dale Rice, incumbent merits re-election based on decades of experience in the community, long service on the School Board, and deep financial experience.
Position 4 – Vote Kathy Decker. Kathy has decades of experience as a teacher. She has a careful, analytical approach and has avoided the extreme union activism of some of the other candidates running this year.
Position 5 – Vote Chris Lewis, accountant and active father will bring fiscal accountability

Evergreen School District

District No. 2 – Vote for Rob Perkins
District No. 4 – Vote for Rachel Rogers, her opponent (Divya Jain) is endorsed by far left socialist and communist organizations

City of Battleground

Position No. 3 – Shauna Walters vs Neil Butler
Position No. 7 – Joshua VanGelder vs Phillip L. Johnson

City of Camas

Councilor Ward 1 Position No. 3 – no recommendations
Councilor Ward 2 Position No. 1 – no recommendations
Councilor Ward 3 Position No. 1- Write-In Margaret Tweet 

City of La Center

Mayor – Greg Thornton vs Brittney Tracy, no recommendations
Councilor Position No. 5 – Elizabeth M. Cerveny vs Linda Tracy, no recommendations

City of Ridgefield

Councilor Position No. 2 – Dana Zimmerman vs Matt Swindell, no recommendations
Councilor Position No. 5 – Rob Aichele vs Darren Wertz, no recommendations
Councilor Position No. 5- Vote Jennifer Lindsay, unopposed known conservative
Councilor Position No. 7 – Ronald Rowan vs Sandra Day, no recommendations

City of Washougal

Councilor Position No. 2 – Michelle C. Wagner vs Alexandra Yost, no recommendations
Councilor Position No. 5 – Vote for Ray Kutch

Amendments, Initiatives, Advisory Votes

City of Vancouver Proposed Charter Amendments 1 through 5-Vote YES on all
City of Vancouver Proposed Charter Amendments 6-Vote NO
City of Vancouver Proposed Charter Amendments 7- Vote YES

State – Referendum Measure No. 88- Reject Vote NO
REJECT – Vote NO. If approved, this measure would put into law Initiative Measure No. 1000, allowing various applications of affirmative action, ie: discrimination. Affirmative action would include, for example, recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, outreach, setting and achieving goals and timetables, and other measures. It would establish a governor’s committee on diversity, equity, and inclusion, at the exclusion of others. Would create a new invasive and expensive state agency.

State – Initiative Measure No. 976- Vote YES
Vote YES. This measure would limit motor vehicle license fees to $30, correcting the steady and steep increase in license fees since this same limit was establish years ago. Many families cannot afford the steady increase in taxes and fees at all levels, and their vehicles are particularly a problem in this regard.

State – Advisory Votes 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
REPEAL ALL Send a clear message to Olympia.

State – Proposed Constitutional Amendment – Joint Resolution No. 8200-Vote NO
Vote NO. This expands the definition of emergency to include major natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, however it gives no clear parameters. Gives the governor more sweeping powers

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